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Who do I contact about…?

Athletics                                            Mr. Christopher Smith            284-2267

Bus Schedule                                   Mr. Chris Gray                          284-9047

Cafeteria/Lunch Program              Mrs. Melissa Simpson             284-2266

Course Curriculum                         Mrs. Brenda Stetin                   284-2267

Discipline                                          Main Office                               284-2267

Health Concerns                             Nurse’s Office                            284.2267

Personal Issues                               Guidance Office                        284-2267

Use of Building                                District Office                            284-2266

CSE/ CPSE                                         Mr. Russ Scimeca                     284-2266


Notes and flyers regarding school activities may be mailed or given to students to share with parents. Parents and community members wishing to obtain further information about the school district should inquire first through the main office and the district webpage.



Russell Scimeca, School Social Worker, Homeless Liaison, Foster Care Liaison, Title I Coordinator, Coordinator of Special Programs, CSE/CPSE Chairperson

(518) 284-9770 Website

Sharon Springs Central School District
514 State Highway 20
Sharon Springs, NY 13459
P: (518) 284-2266
F: (518) 284-9033


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Central Administration

Patterson Green, Superintendent/Principal
(518) 284-2267

Anthony M. DiPace, Business Manager
(518) 284-2266

Lorelyn Webb, Secretary to the Superintendent/Business Manager
(518) 284-2266

Lorraine Brown, Main Office/Guidance Secretary
(518) 284-2267

Courtney Keller, Deputy District Clerk
(518) 284-2266

Denise Perrotti, District Treasurer
(518) 284-2266


Programs & Services

Chris Smith, Athletic Director
(518) 284-2267

Heather Bivins, Librarian
(518) 284-2266  Website

Emily Haley, School Nurse
(518) 284-2266

Joyce Slater, School Nurse
(518) 284-2266

Chris Gray, Transportation Supervisor
(518) 284-9047

Michelle Keaney, CSE/School Social Worker Secretary
(518) 284-9770

Stacy Padua, Guidance Counselor

Thomas Reynolds, Chief Information Officer
(518) 284-2266

Russell Scimeca, School Social Worker
(518) 284-9770  Website

Melissa Simpson, Cafeteria Manager
(518) 284-2266

Brenda Stetin, Guidance Counselor
(518) 284-2267

Graham Wright, Computer Support



Teacher Directory

Anne Allen – Ag/Tech   l  Website

Tara Barton – Grade 6  l  Website

Tammy Behr – Physical Education  l  Website

Danielle Connors – Spanish Website

Dan Cornwell – Math  l  Website

Brian Cox – H.S. Social Studies  l  Website

Laura Davenport – Grade 6  l  Website

Marie Davis – Grade 5  l  Website

Jennifer Field – English  l  Website

Stephanie Fuller – Grade 4  l  Website

Barb Handy – Business  l  Website

Keri Jones – 2nd Grade 

Tracy Knapp – Math   ] Website

Donna Larkin – Kindergarten  l  Website

Sally Lauzon, Secondary Science  l  Website

Tonya Law – Special Education  l  Website

Ron Letteron – Music  l  Website

Sylvia Letteron – Music  l  Website

Christine Lyon – Special Education  l  Website

David Nedelsky – Social Studies  l  Website

Phil Nicholls – Science  l  Website

Melissa Freeman – Special Education  l  

Sue Futerko – Art  l  Website

Paul Siers – Special Education  l  Website

Chris Smith – Physical Education  l  Website

John Walker – Kindergarten  l  Website

Mary Williams – Grade 3  l  Website

Erica Wimmer- Grade 1 l Website

Tom Yorke – English  l  Website